Finance and Accounting

Service Description of Finance and Accounting

Our finance and accounting offer includes the areas of bookkeeping including annual accounting operations, finance management, cost accounting and financial controlling.

Bookkeeping including annuel accounting operations

Using bookkeeping including annual accounting operations, all credits and debts as well as primary expenses and profits of a company are properly compiled, assessed and presented.


RDW Treuhand AG can be assigned all the related tasks in the payment field, as a partial field of the financial management and accounting field, ranging from the recording of the invoices issued and vendor invoices up to and including electronic payments or processing of dunning notices.

Finance Management

Finance management consists of the four elements planning, arbitration, adjustment and inspection with regard to financial company management. Here particularly the financial planning, financial inspection and budgeting are very important as a basis for financial arbitrations and adjustments. Financial planning follows the primary objective to estimate the expected capital demand accurately and in the next step, to ensure this demand is covered. With this, the long-term solvency of the company should be guaranteed.

Cost Accounting

With cost accounting, the in-house, income statement-related processes are identified. Here the economic results (divided according to different result areas and connected with the costing inspection according to organisational areas) are also identified.


With financial controlling, all economic data and information is prepared on the basis of a significant accounting. This can be in the form of planning/budgeting, level-related reporting, make or buy decisions, investment decisions, cost management, activity, project or logistics controlling.


With RDW-Connected, we offer our customers a special service. This product allows our customers direct, location-bound access to their data. With this our customers are able to view their current account figures at any time.

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