Finance and Accounting

Customer Benefits Finance and Accounting

The main benefit for our customers in the provision of services in the area of finance and accounting is quite clearly in saving time. Our customers can concentrate fully on their core competences and in this way reduce opportunity costs. Despite this outsourcing, our customers do not have to go without anything since they can completely count on our expertise and our competence.
The different customer benefits are listed below depending on the consultation emphases:

Bookkeeping including annual accounting operations

With bookkeeping, we set ourselves the target to give our customers the option to be able to analyse and compare the proof of financial status and results of the entire company from financial viewpoints. At the same time, the legal requirements as well as bookkeeping obligation should also be met here. Correctly compiled and kept up to date, accounting is to be considered as the important management instrument with all company decisions.

Finance Management

Drawing up financial plans combines all financial impacts of all company areas and gives our customers information on the type, extent and use of the financial means. The professional design and permanent observation of the cash-flows create transparency and strengthen the company potential.

Cost Accounting

Cost accounting provides the costing and results-affecting management information with regard to planning, management and control of the company and creates the functional transparency necessary for the company.

Financial Controlling

With financial controlling, we want to guarantee our customers the assurance of economic consideration of all corporate decisions and activities.


With the RDW-connected service, the cooperation between our customers and us as a trustee and consultant should be simplified. The great customer benefit here lies in the direct, constant access to data. The costs for the bookkeeping can therefore be considerably reduced since the work to be carried out can be better distributed. For example, with this product, the customers can keep the books on-site and the annual accounts executed by RDW Treuhand AG. Through this, the physical exchange of accounting documents can be avoided.

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