Payroll Accounting and Personnel Administration

Service Description of Wage Accounting and Personnel Administration

The specialists at RDW Treuhand AG help you to establish your wage accounting system and support you in the correct, reliable and professional processing of the entire payroll system, taking into account all the employment, social insurance and tax law provisions. Our customers can avail themselves, inter alia, of the following services:

  • Counselling and support in the conclusion of social insurance contracts
    Registering and deregistering of the employees and with social insurances and authorities
  • Individual parameterisation and adjustment of the wage accounting system to meet specific operational needs
  • Monthly recording of the wage mutations and maintenance of the personnel database
  • Compilation and processing of the monthly pay slips
  • Compilation of the annual wage declarations
  • Compilation of wage statements and annual overviews for tax purposes
  • Support and counselling of employees whose employers are not liable to pay contributions in Switzerland (Arbeitnehmer ohne beitragspflichtigen Arbeitgeber; ANobAGs)
  • Support and counselling of expatriates/seconded expatriates
    Monitoring, counselling and support in the clarification of withholding tax obligations, processing of registrations of individuals liable to pay withholding tax, calculation of the withholding tax deductions, as well as preparation of withholding tax declarations for the tax administration
  • Support and counselling in the preparation and conception of expense reimbursement policies and the approval thereof by the respective tax administration
  • RDW-Connected  Direct access to your salary accounting via the Internet
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