Management Consultancy

Service Description  of Management Consultancy

We are available to our customers at all times as a generalist for the most diverse industry-specific problems. We focus particularly on the following consultation areas in "management consultancy":

Founding a company/entrepreneurship

  • Foundation
  • Start-up consultations

Professional accompaniment and start-up consultation when setting up a company and its structure. Upon request, we guide our customers step by step through the entire foundation phase up to the definitive entry in the commercial registry, including registration with VAT, OASI and injury insurance etc. Moreover, our customers have the option to make use of all remaining RDW Treuhand AG services.

Conversions, Mergers, Reorganisations and Liquidations

We offer support in the conversion of the legal form of a legal entity. This support can be in the form of a simple change in the legal form, a split, an amalgamation and/or merger or a transfer of capital.

Conception and implementation of reorganisation measures for the recovery of a company similarly belong to our service offer as well as a possible liquidation of a company.

Corporate Management

  • Drawing up business plans
  • Drawing up marketing concepts
  • Management, strategy and organisation consultation
  • Reorganisation and restructuring
  • Corporate planning (distribution, production and procurement)

Corporate management on the one hand includes consultations with regard to strategic corporate planning and establishing the long-term orientation of the strategic business areas. On the other hand, we offer support in the conception, implementation and upkeep of essential high-performance system structures for example planning and controlling systems.

Investments, Evaluations, Analyses and Processes

  • Investment planning
  • Company evaluations
  • Buying and selling companies
  • Analysis of the company and its fields
  • Structure and process analyses, project management
  • Economic analyses, economic reports

RDW Treuhand AG supports your customers with tested instruments and methods in all the above-named consultation points.


  • Analysis and improvement or restructuring of accounting
  • Introduction of cost accounting, controlling systems
  • Financings and financing concepts

The checking and on-going improvement of the accounting by customers also belongs to our service offer as well as the introduction and accompaniment in the management of cost accounting or a working controlling system. In addition, we accompany our customers in drawing up financing concepts and/or help with financing questions.

Follow-up Planning and Regulation of a Company

We support our customers in the structuring and development of their follow-up regulation. This service particularly includes the procurement, assessment and selection of prospective customers and consultation with decision-making.

Due to the complex diverse requirements on a follow-up regulation, the cooperation of specialists for various areas is often necessary. We are happy to provide our customers with our network of relations.

Acceptance of Administration Activities

On behalf of our customers, we also take on administration activities or advise them with the different tasks to be designed and monitored as well as responsibilities as an institution of a company.

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