Service Description of Auditing

Within the scope of the audit, auditing services are offered via RW Revisions-GmbH, the auditing company accredited as auditors by the Swiss Federal Supervisory Auditing Authority. The process and risk oriented auditing approach we use goes beyond the legal requirements. To us, accounting is more than just "ticking off" the end-of-year figures. Instead, the intention is to recognise and analyse risks and/or weak points and to conceive corresponding actions at an early stage in dialogue with our customers. In this specialist field we offer the following services:

  • Qualified audits of annual accounts as statutory auditing company
  • Special audits during corporate formations, capital increases, capital reductions, as well as contributions in kind and liquidations
  • Special audits during upward revaluations of real estate or participations
  • Special audits in the event of capital loss and excess indebtedness
  • Special audits within the scope of the merger law
  • General expertises and expert opinions on financial and accounting issues
  • Due diligence during the purchase and sale of companies
  • Auditing of annual accounts of companies with no auditing obligation
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