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Partner Profile David Waibel

Skills and Experience

Segmental competence:  Hotel and restaurants, health care, nursery, distribution, retail trade, cleaning, circus, automobile, interio design, architecture, joinery, timber construction, boarding stable
Professional competence:Accounting and controlling
Special knowledge:Accounting, auditing within the scope of qualified audits

His training as a certified Swiss businessman with professional maturity of a commercial type at one of the leading global companies in the field of trust and corporate consultancy, KPMG Fides Management AG, Basel, enabled David Waibel to gain a more detailed insight into the various trust fields. It was already clear during his training that his further professional development would be in the trust segment. He confirmed this by his successful graduation from his studies specialising in business management at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Basel.

The knowledge gleaned while studying and exercising his professional activity enable David Waibel to support the customer as a holistic management consultant. In order to be able to provide the customers with even more in-depth information on tax issues, he is going to train to become a certified Swiss tax expert at the Swiss Tax Academy.

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