Tax Law, Tax Consultancy

Service Description of Tax Law, Tax Consultancy and Tax Planning

RDW Treuhand AG counsels and accompanies your clientele – both companies and private individuals – as a competent and qualified partner on all issues of national and international tax law.

Due to the increasing complexity of taxation and the tendency towards stricter tax regulations, as well as the numerous changes in practice, a professional, extensive and continuous consultancy provides a solid foundation and is the prerequisite for the best possible planning of the corporate success, the succession plan, the old-age pension scheme, as well as the private asset trend.

The main focuses of consultancy offered by our tax specialists can be broken down into the following specialist fields:

Taxation of natural entities (private individuals)

  • Preparation of tax returns for all cantons (main tax domicile and any subsidiary tax domiciles)
  • Extensive, strategic tax counselling and assessment
  • Compilation of comparisons regarding residence tax burden
  • Counselling on pension issues as well as on pension planning
  • Counselling of private individuals on succession plans
  • Counselling on expenditure-based taxation (lump sum taxation)
  • Fiscal counselling of individuals liable to pay withholding tax
  • Counselling on inter-cantonal and international double taxation issues
  • Fiscal planning and assessment of inheritances and endowments
  • Counselling on issues of tax on real estate profits und tax on change of ownership during property acquisitions and disposals
  • Tax-optimised counselling of self-employed individuals
  • Structuring, planning and assessment of (derivative) investment products
  • Counselling on the targeted use of foundations and trusts

Corporate tax law

  • Preparation of tax returns for all cantons including all enclosures for legal entities
  • Extensive tax counselling and strategic tax planning, tax optimisation
  • Location evaluation, compilation of tax burden comparisons und model calculations
  • Counselling during start-ups (choice of legal form), financial restructurings and liquidations
  • Accompaniment of clients during corporate acquisitions and sales, management buy-outs, tax due diligence
  • Conception of reorganisations, such as demergers, mergers, conversions and succession plans for companies and corporate groups
  • Obtaining of binding preliminary notices (so-called tax rulings)
  • Counselling on inter-cantonal and international double taxation issues
  • Fiscal counselling on the composition of annual financial statements
  • Design of models for employee compensation

Value added tax

  • Preparation of value added tax returns
  • Counselling and support in the following partial value added tax areas: tax liability, group taxation, subsidies and donations, location of service provision, tax assessment and tax rates, internal consumption and/or private parts, input tax deductions and input tax adjustments, changes in use, reporting procedure, Bezugsteuer (special Swiss import tax), bookkeeping and invoicing, tax-exempt and tax-excluded turnover
  • Registration and deregistration of value added tax
  • Performance of value added tax reviews including reporting on determined risks and the minimisation thereof as well as optimisation options
  • Negotiation of legally binding preliminary notices (so-called tax rulings) in the event of legal uncertainties
  • Preparation and support in value added tax audits by the Swiss Tax Administration Main Value Added Tax Department
  • Assumption of the fiscal representation when a place of residence or place of business is located abroad

Procedural tax law

  • Support in the procedural obligations of taxpayers and answering of tax queries
  • Review and monitoring of tax calculations and tax assessments
    Contractual representation in tax proceedings
  • Negotiations with the corresponding tax authorities
  • Extensive counselling during assessment proceedings, appeal proceedings, amendment proceedings, supplementary tax proceedings or penal proceedings for tax fraud and other offences (including, e.g. voluntary reports)
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