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Bild: Handshake AZ Holz und RDW Treuhand (Ramona Studer)
Bild: AZ Holz und RDW Treuhand (Ramona Studer)

Digital. Personal. Flexible. Timely.


We rely on modern digital working methods to provide our clients with efficient and up-to-date support.


At the same time, we attach great importance to customer proximity and personal contact.

Bild: David Waibel

David Waibel

Swiss certified tax expert,

Business economist FH (BSc),

Licensed auditor RAB


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Smart Accounting Logo

With our smart accounting service, we offer you digitalised and standardised accounting processes. Your tasks are limited to the transmission of your business documents.

With our management cockpit, you receive your figures clearly presented online on a daily basis.
How does it work? Contact us.

bexio Treuhandänderzertifizierung Logo

We are a certified Bexio trustee due to the support we provide to various clients. Bexio offers centralised client management, centralised order processing and the possibility of simple bookkeeping. RDW Treuhand AG has everything in view for you. RDW Treuhand AG processes your documents in Bexio, controls your accounting workflow processes, prepares the annual financial statements in accordance with commercial law, processes your VAT statement, does your payroll accounting and prepares your tax return in accordance with the statutory provisions. RDW Treuhand AG is also available to you for all other business matters as required.

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